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Essentials of Medical Biochemistry - With Clinical Cases - 2nd Edition (2015)
[Image: 28814028617_92bc404f4a_o.png]

Much of the content and concepts for the second edition of Essentials of Medical Biochemistry: With Clinical
Cases were derived from the first edition, but this latest edition has been extensively re-designed in an effort to better integrate the principles of biochemistry into disciplines of basic and clinical sciences. The goal is to foster a more comprehensive understanding of health and disease. We hope that we have accomplished this task by making the principles of biochemistry and molecular biology more clinically relevant and applicable.
Unique features of this textbook include: for each chapter, a list of key points which outline the main concepts or questions that will be discussed in the chapter, followed by the text and a list of required readings in some chapters.

The text also includes supplemental references where appropriate, to encourage readers to continue learning beyond the chapter material. Most chapters include actual clinical cases with teaching points that pertain to the subject matter of thechapter. This textbook has also been revised to include the latest research on various aspects of biochemistry and molecular biology topics that have emerged since the first edition.

Every effort has been made to create an enjoyable and educational learning experience for the student.
Biochemistry has often been perceived as a topic of rote memorization of reactions and pathways, but here we present a well-organized and a systematic mosaic of basic and clinical sciences, which altogether clearly illustrates the interconnectedness between biochemistry and molecular biology as they relate to health and disease. Biochemistry, therefore, is not a topic limited to textbooks or laboratories life depends on it. This is illustrated by the clinical cases that we have presented immediately following the chapter material. These cases were abstracted from previously published articles that describe actual clinical conditions. This serves as a reminder of the importance of medical biochemistry, and it aids the student in developing their skills in the diagnostic acuity and subsequent treatment.

We hope students cultivate a full understanding of the pathophysiologic processes of the body by examination at the molecular level, in an effort to accomplish the overall goal of logical clinical problem-solving, with a compassionate understanding of human ailment.

We also promote problem-solving skills that are based on accurate and current information. In almost every chapter, we have listed required reading references as well as a enrichment reference list at the end of the text, so that the student may refer to the original literature. We hope that students can develop skills in the understanding of evidence-based medicine.

As clinicians, academicians, and researchers, the authors and their associates in the production of this textbook firmly believe that the new format of our text encourages students to embrace medical biochemistry and apply its principles to all areas of medicine. The versatility of this textbook also makes it appropriate for use by students pursuing various disciplines in basic and clinical sciences.


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