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Clinical Dermatology (Lange Medical Books) (1st Ed)
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Clinical Dermatology is the product of decades of interaction with our primary care and dermatology colleagues
and residents. It features concise, practical information
on the diagnosis and management of common skin disorders. Diagnostic features, cost-effective management,
evidence-based medicine, and patient-centered care are

Clinicians, residents, and medical students will find this
textbook helpful in expanding their understanding and
management of skin disorders. Our advisory group, consisting of primary care physicians, residents, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical students, was
instrumental in the design and review of this textbook.

Clinical Dermatology is divided into three sections.
Section One covers the principles of diagnosis, management of common skin disorders, and diagnostic and
surgical procedures.
Section Two covers common skin disorders and selected
less common disorders with high morbidity. The information on each disease is formatted into ten sections:
introduction, pathogenesis, history, physical examination, laboratory findings, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, management, indications for consultation, and
patient information. Evidence-based reviews and
national and international guidelines are used when
available in the management sections.
Section Three focuses on the differential diagnosis of
diseases in specific body regions based on history and
physical examination. This section also includes the differential diagnosis of purpura, fever and rash, hospitalacquired rashes, pruritus, and skin ulcers. A chapter on
cosmetic dermatology completes this section


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