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Healing Massage - An A-Z Guide for More Than Forty Medical Conditions
[Image: 43664584341_00ff22a4b1_o.jpg]

Publisher: Lotus Publishing (28 April 2016)
Author: Maureen Abson
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1905367635
ISBN-13: 9781905367634

This practical, detailed, and accessible guide to using massage to treat a range of medical conditions will educate and empower both massage practitioners and non-professionals who want to safely and effectively make a difference in the well-being of a friend or family member. 

Bringing together Eastern and Western understandings of the body, health, and wellness, this user-friendly sourcebook defines and details each medical condition, any contraindications to massage, and massage protocols and instructions, including how often treatment should be administered. Healing Massage can make treatment and pain relief both available and affordable to those who might not have access to expensive professional treatment. It can also provide substantial and detailed information to practitioners not familiar with a specific condition. 

Written by a leading massage practitioner and international teacher, this book will be an essential reference in the office or at home.


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