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Medical Microbiology, Seventh Edition- Murray, Rosenthal, Pfaller
[Image: 28776395897_2c9a966878_o.jpg]

Medical  microbiology  can  be  a  bewildering  field  to the  novice.  We  are  faced  with  many  questions 
when  learning  microbiology:  How  do  I  learn  all  the names?  Which  infectious  agents  cause  which  diseases? Why?  When?  Who  is  at  risk?  Is  there  a  treatment? 
However, all these concerns can be reduced to one essential question: What information do I need to know that will help me understand how to diagnose and treat an infected patient?
Certainly, there are a number of theories about what a  student  needs  to  know  and  how  to  teach  it,  which supposedly validates the plethora of microbiology textbooks that have flooded the bookstores in recent years. 
Although we do not claim to have the one right approach to teaching medical microbiology (there is truly no one perfect approach to medical education), we have founded the revisions of this textbook on our experience gained through  years  of  teaching  medical  students,  residents, and  infectious  diseasefellows  as  well  as  on  the  work devoted  to  the  six  previous  editions.  We  have  tried  to present  the  basic  concepts  of  medical  microbiology clearly  and  succinctly  in  a  manner  that  addresses different  types  of  learners.  The  text  is  written  in  a straightforward manner with, it is hoped, uncomplicated explanations  of  difficult  concepts. Details are  summarized in tabular format rather than in lengthy text, and there  are  colorful  illustrations  for  the  visual  learner. 
Clinical  Cases provide  the  relevance  that  puts  reality into the basic science. Important pointsare emphasized in boxesto aid students, especially in their review; and the study  questions, including Clinical  Cases, address relevant  aspects  of  each  chapter.  Each  section  begins with a chapter that summarizes microbial diseases, and this also provides review material


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