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Phiên bản đầy đủ: An Intro. to Med. Terminol. for Health Care 3rd ed.
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An Intro. to Med. Terminol. for Health Care 3rd ed.
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A knowledge of medical terminology is essential for many health care professions. This attractive an easy to use self-teaching text provides a simple, interactive, comprehensive guide to the language of medicine. Following a brief introduction to the basic components of medical words, each unit deals with a different body system and follows a standard plan: Word exercise; An anatomy exercise; A word check; and A self assessment. By breaking words into their component parts and applying knowledge through exercises and examples from patient care, the reader learning how words are formed and becomes familiar with the common roots, and suffixes of medial words as well as how they will be encountered in practice. In addition, the text provides a comprehensive glossary/index, which cross-references the text, as well as a list of common abbreviations.

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